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Frances Valentine

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  • Built on Friendship

    Back in 2016, co-founders (and best friends) Elyce Arons and Kate Spade launched Frances Valentine, following their wildly successful foray into fashion with the one-and-only Kate Spade. You can think of Frances Valentine as the next chapter in the journey—a continuation of thejoy-sparking, vintage-inspired, legendary style for which founders are known and loved.

    At its core, Frances Valentine conveys the spirit of Arons and Spade, two best college friends who dreamed big and had the moxie to make their mark on the world of fashion. In fact, the name itself is an ode to love, heritage, and deep connection—a celebration of lasting friendship, personal confidence, and heart-fluttering nostalgia.

  • Their Mission

    We believe personal style is a mood-boosting, conversation-sparking, confidence-building celebration of a life well-lived. It’s a timeless pursuit; a form of self expression that only gets better with age because it’s evolving in real time – just like us.

    At Frances Valentine, we make clothes with heart, soul, and a story to tell – clothes that inspire you tell yours. Clothes that make you smile every time you open your wardrobe. Clothes that make fashion feel fun again, that transcend trends and spark joy, year after year, decade after decade, generation after generation. We make clothes that create connection and friendships.

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