About Batik

The inspiration behind the boutique.

I grew up vacationing on the Gulf Coast of Florida, and my mom and I were the best of shopping buddies when it came to browsing coastal wear. We were quick to mark our calendars when a trunk show was coming to town, and would look forward to meeting new designers. I would light up being surrounded by the bright prints and patterns, and each time I would come home with a beautiful new purchase, it would bring such joy to my closet. Especially when I returned from vacation, feeling nostalgic about all of the fond memories I had just made. I couldn't wait to open my suitcase again, and pack those items for my next adventure. The inspiration for Batik was born from a desire to bring more small, curated collections to Chicago, just like the ones I discovered on those trips with my mom.

I hope Batik becomes an oasis for you in the city, and a destination for adding unique, timeless pieces to your closet and home.

With a happy heart,

Styling with a colorful flair.


Batik (noun): A unique method of producing colored designs on textiles by dyeing them

The name is a celebration of craftsmanship and a way to pay homage to the artisans who hand-dye and block print the clothes we carry in the shop. It's a nod to the origins of the beautiful prints and patterns that have come to define resort wear fashion.

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Go with a happy heart, embracing adventure, filling life with color, and celebrating the special moments in life.