Jenn Lake’s Spring Edit

Jenn Lake is a lifelong Chicagoan and workfluencer behind the popular blog, Style Charade and Instagram account @JenniferLake, both designed as colorful online destinations for fashion, travel, home design, and lifestyle content.

Currently, Lake is Chief Strategy Officer of an award-winning integrated marketing communications and marketing agency with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami. During her spare time, she focuses on delivering content for her valued community.

"Style Charade is never meant to be a perfect reflection of daily life. It's all about having fun with fashion, style, color, prints, patterns and beyond. One day, you might see me wearing a ballgown in an airplane engine. Next, I'm cooking breakfast wearing colorful stripes. Through it all, the purpose and passion behind everything I do is connecting with women who love seeing the world through a more vibrant lens." - Jennifer Lake





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